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Max Associates Launches Consumer Attitudes Survey

Leisure-net in partnership with 4Global and Max Associates has created a free customer attitude survey to ascertain your customers current levels of activity, how they are accessing physical activity and likely behaviour patterns post Covid lockdown.
We want to help you and the sector understand how customers will respond when lock down is reversed and what operational changes will be needed to give customers confidence to return.

Lisa Forsyth, Director at Max Associates said, “the aim of the survey is to understand the value customers put on regular exercise and what they will consider as value for money in the future. It will help inform the difficult decisions that need to be made over the coming months. The data can be used by you and local authority partners to plan as the lockdown eases, to ensure you maximise customer take up and renewal. It will also be invaluable to support local authorities as they plan future service delivery given their own financial position which is likely to be significantly impacted by Covid 19.”

The survey can be distributed by you direct to your customer base, or Leisure-net can send it out or your behalf or finally if you are signed up to it, we can distribute it for you via Datahub’s marketing intelligence module. The survey is totally anonymous, and the data will be aggregated to allow results to be benchmarked against all operators that take part. Should there be enough volume we will also produce regional benchmarks.
The overall results from the survey will be shared via media channels, social media platforms and as a paper to inform future thinking.

To find out more visit or, to see an online copy of the survey click here

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