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Max Associates was commissioned to support the Council in developing a procurement strategy to review their Leisure Services Management Contract. The Council was delivering its plan to rationalise leisure services contracts across the recently established Council area, from five contracts comprising of four operators managing 11 leisure centres, to a single operator as contracts come up for renewal.

Through comprehensive planning, the deadlines for each stage of the procurement process were achieved and the project structure allowed for a suitable mobilisation period. Four organisations were taken through to revised tender stage with Serco Leisure and its operating partner in the region, More Leisure Community Trust (MCLT) successfully securing the five-year contract with Buckinghamshire Council which commenced 1 April 2024.

The new contract includes management of Aqua Vale Swimming & Fitness Centre, Swan Pool & Leisure Centre, Evreham Leisure Centre, Beacon Sports Centre & Theatre as well as the continued operation of the Little Marlow Running Track.

Sue Drummond, Head of Leisure said, “We couldn’t be happier with the support and commitment from the Max team, all technically and professionally excellent, this was crucial in our long-term project with difficult challenges. Just so nice and such a good and enjoyable team to work with. They really do capture and embrace the client’s key issues and concerns and are exceptional, in the quality of support, their knowledge and expertise and the respect and high regard they are held in across the wider leisure industry.”

Lisa Forsyth, Managing Director of Max Associates said, “It was really rewarding to provide support and advice throughout the procurement process to secure a contract the Council was pleased with and met their key criteria. The leisure contract includes capital investment projects totalling £1.3m on maintaining, decoration and renew across the contract term as well as utilising the Council’s capital funding of £500k into new fitness and group exercise equipment and branding at the two main wet centres to support total income generated. As well as bringing positive financial benefits, the contract will continue to provide benefits for local residents including working closely with health partners to support residents’ health and wellbeing through more active lifestyles and increasing the number of users across all the sites.”

Buckinghamshire Council appoints new partner to run select leisure services | Buckinghamshire Council

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