North Devon Council

New facility provision compliant study


In 2016 Max Associates were initially appointed by North Devon Council to deliver a Sport England ANOG compliant study to analyse which facilities currently provided for at North Devon Leisure Centre should be incorporated in a new facility. At the same time to consider changes in customers’ demands since the leisure centre was built and what alternative facilities should be considered.


Summary of Project

To complete the initial ANOG Max Associates implemented a methodology that ensure all requirements of the Councils brief were met. This included:

Strategic Review – A review of all applicable national and local policies and strategies that may impact the study. This also included an analysis of national trends in participation, using tools such as Sport England Active Places power and Market Segmentation.

Supply and Demand Analysis – A full audit of indoor sports facilities was undertaken including facility mix, management arrangements, age and condition of buildings and identified any planned developments.

Facility Planning Model Analysis – We summarised the findings of the Sport England Facility Planning results for sports halls, swimming pools and ATPs. Sport England Market Segmentation information was updated to assess current and latent demand within a defined catchment.

Consultation – We agreed with the Council the key stakeholders that needed to be consulted, this included National Governing Bodies, Clubs, wider Council services, public health, Sport England, County Sports Partnership, neighbouring local authorities and the current management operator.

Recommendations – Following the collation of all the data and consultation results we presented the Council with a completed report summarising the findings concluding with a recommended facility mix for the new centre.

Following the completion of this report Max Associates were asked to undertake a further piece of work to produce layout plans, indicative capital costs and revenue plans for the recommended facility mix. We worked with Saunders Boston on the design and technical elements. A revenue business plan was provided to the Council outlining the potential net benefit of the new leisure centre.



The business case was used by the Council to support their funding application to Sport England which was successful. The Council subsequently appointed Max Associates to manage the procurement process for a new operator to deliver the design, build and operation of the new centre. The business case produced will be used as a benchmark in the evaluation of bid submissions.


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