Charnwood Council

Joint Procurement for leisure management facilities


The successful appointment of 2 leisure operators resulting in significant capital investment to drive down the revenue cost for each Council. Overall reduction in revenue subsidy achieved with substantial risk transfer passing to the new contractors.


Summary of Project

Charnwood Borough Council (CBC), Melton Borough Council and North West Leicestershire District Council (NWLDC), initiated a joint procurement exercise to find a leisure management partner to deliver their Sport and Leisure Management Services across the Councils. Max Associates were commissioned to assist the Councils in the procurement process, with responsibility for project management, procuring the tender documentation and evaluating the responses.

The contract included the following facilities:

Charnwood Borough Council

  • Loughborough Leisure Centre
  • Soar Valley Leisure Centre

Melton Borough Council

  • Waterfield Leisure Pools

North West Leicestershire Borough Council

  • Hermitage Leisure Centre
  • Hood Park Leisure Centre

Both Melton and Charnwood Borough Council’s leisure facilities were already contracted to a third party whilst Morth West Leicestershire’s facilities were managed in-house. Due to the nature of the joint procurement the contract was tendered in three lots, one for each Council and their respective facilities.



Both Charnwood and Melton secured operators for their facilities. Fusion lifestyle was successful at Charnwood Borough Council and SLM was successful at Melton Borough Council.

Charnwood Borough Council – Added value approximately £400k per annum.
Melton Borough Council – Reduced subsidy, and significant investment agreed for redeveloped leisure centre within the agreed subsidy.


Client Testimonial:

“Max Associates were commissioned to assist us in procuring a new leisure centre contract. Lisa always goes the extra mile, giving far more of her time than she should and as a result, was excellent value for money. She is approachable, hugely intelligent and knowledgeable. She operated empathetically within our political environment and was discreet and always wise in her advice.

Her project management skills are stunning. She always delivered to deadline, and was relentless in chasing others to deliver to deadlines. As a result, she helped us get an excellent result for Charnwood and also helped us appraise the lessons learned to inform future projects. I would recommend her without hesitation for any project. In fact I would go so far as to urge you to not start a leisure project without her. She saved us time, money and reputation. She brought knowledge support and expertise and the unique way that she delivered all of this.”
Chris Traill, Strategic Director, Neighbourhoods & Community Well Being


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